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Why am I doing this? — December 4, 2015

Why am I doing this?



I have a little thinking time these days. My older son finished school one week ago. My younger son abruptly transitioned from homeschooling into highschooling two weeks ago.

Deep breath.

Here I am, wondering what comes next. Looking around and mulling over the options. And the fact that I need to get a job.

Thinking, I don’t want to make a sudden decision.

Wow. This is kind of exciting. I have a hunger to create, create, create.

Pale colours, maybe a capsule wardrobe? I’ll be needing new clothes for new roles. Wow.

Time to start some planning. But for now, a cup of tea on the balcony and a deep breath.

What does a person do in these transition times? If you have any words of wisdom I’d love to hear them.